"The real problem isn't

losing the capacity to do something,

The real problem is forgetting

The capacity to believe

That you can do something.”


While motivation does not have to be tied to a particular nationality, aged or social status, in older adults the lack of motivation happens more often; feelings of sadness or loneliness are often stronger in older adult because of the many drastic changes that the person has suffered during his al life plus that the society doesn’t perceived as a problem to be solved.

The lack of motivation is considered almost as normal issue in the elderly since it’s linked to the negative idea of “growing up” and the acceptation that reached a point in everybody life, you begin to lose energy and enthusiasm to experience changes, address obstacles or achieve goals . In many cases, the restraint is accepted.

We must understand the consequences that such restraint can generate because if this lack of motivation don’t go away but continues over the time it can affect both physical and mental health of the person. creating problems as the development of several mobility limitations, memory loss, etc.

-Motivation is what prompts a person to act-


Although the lack of motivation in the older adults can be considered as something natural, it’s a mood that deserves all the attention from their environment and the community.

The thesis project CaminaConmigo tries to confirm the following hypothesis: on one hand, a large percentage of people over 75 years limits and discourages themselves because of social pressure more than because of real impediments. On the other hand, young people will see how interesting, funny and enriching experience can get through the interaction with older adults.